Sunday, March 23, 2008

Expozine Alternative Press Award 2008 pour Extraction

EXTRACTION! Comix Reportage won the Expozine Alternative Press Award 2008in the best English-language book category. The prize was handed over to Frédéric Dubois at the Mainline Theatre in Montréal yesterday night, during the third annual Expozine Gala. The jury was composed of 3 journalists/writers from Montréal. Extraction competed against 4 other books, which are all put out byalternative/small press organisations and who were presented at lastyear's Expozine, the annual small press, comix and zine fair. Other awards were given for best comix, best fanzine, in both Frenchand English.

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catsd said...

wow!Félicitations à toi et tes compatriotes d'extractions!

et bonne chance pour Premières Lignes :D