Thursday, December 24, 2009


Mon ami Seb Choquette a FINALEMENT enregistré un album demo intitulé :"At the crossroads of chaos and solace" c'est un excellent album avec deux bonnes chansons. Mekhaya est un métal complexe, progressif, experimental  certaines fois, et surtout atmosphérique, l'ambiance crée par le groupe donne une experience qui nous rend presque inconfortable, mais c'est tellement bon. Pratique pour décaper ses murs et faire fuir les voisins nulls!!
So my friend Seb Choquette FINALLY released this EP titled:"At the crossroads of chaos and solace" it's his bands, (Mekhaya) debut album. It's an intricate piece of work with two songs. Mekhaya is a new brand of complex and progressive metal. You might even say it's experimental at times, and very atmospheric. the ambiance create by the band is amazing, there are some Pink floyd moments specially at the shows, this band is technically bang on. This album has an uncomfortable ambiance to it, great for scraping the paint off your walls or driving your obnoxious neighbor's away!!

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Seb's Display Name said...

Hey Stan my man! Thanks for the promo, dude! I'll be linking this shit up to our sites.

Just one detail though... both songs have lyrics. No instrumental... We didn't record that one yet. Soon though (i hope).