Saturday, August 4, 2012

sketchy sketches

J'aime bien travailler l'anatomie en faisant des dessins rapide à l'encre.  Et même si souvent, le résultat n'est pas très bon, ça réchauffe avant de passer à de desinner.  Pour finir, mon ami Matthew Brown a un nouveau Blog, Ambiant Zero, allez voir ça ici!
I like working anatomy by sketching rapidly with a pen. And even though the results are not always that great, it's a good warm-up. Oh and by the way, my friend Matthew Brown has a new blog, Ambiant Zero, check it out here!

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colin said...

after some thought, it's not that there is anything i want to see, it is more a case of entering a world that is relatively unknown to me.. so i was just sharing my experience on the trip...!..